New mural in Paphos-Cyprus
This mural is my participation to Street Art Square 2016 and depicting a Paphos’ local mythology story, the one of Pygmalion and Galatea, from whom Kinyras was born, father of Paphos who later founded the homonymous city. I really liked the interpratation of this myth, as an brilliant example of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Faith is a great thing. Thanks to Giannis Sakellis and Street Art Square for making this happen.
08 Nov 2016 in news, general
New mural in Sibiu-Romania
If you’re Greek and you have the fortune (?) to travel often around the world, you will see things that will definitely make you feel ashamed of your country and what it implies: the degrading morals of our society, the lack of culture our driving behavior, the parked vehicles on the parking spaces for disabled people our dirty city, the graffiti on neoclassical buildings and churches, the hand out of the car window littering the streets, the smoker’s attitude that he or she claim the right to smoke in the same room with people who are not smokers, the naturalness with which the cigarette end is tossed on the ground the ethos of young people; the eager for the ephemeral and “having fun” cafes-clubs-bars-bouzoukia, gyms, beaches and football, shopping; all of the above without any deeper concerns the disinterest for history and knowledge, the “Greeklish” (Greek written in Latin characters ) which literally devours a language that dates back thousands of years, the ugly “wallpaper” formed by countless students’ parties posters in the temples of knowledge, in the universities the ethos of old people; the conceit of a supposedly “generation of the revolution”, the exchange of power and authority between […]
17 Sep 2016 in news, general
Contemporary Byzantine Painting: Interview on “Orthodox Arts Journal”
This is an interview I recently gave to Orthodox Arts Journal. I hope you will enjoy it! Many thanks to OAJ team and fr Silouan for the profound and creative questions.
01 Sep 2016 in news, general
A tribute to all refugees-New mural in Athens
During the last two years, Greece has been hosting a large number of refugees from the Middle East. In particular, only in January 2016, 3000-4000 immigrants did reach the Greek islands’ shores on a daily basis.Talibans and Jihadists push more and more people to abandon their countries-Afghanistan and Syria respectively. Once again, Greece is hitting the headlines all over the world. Idomeni on the mainland and the islands of Lesvos,Chios and Samos have become the focal point which is inundated by people looking for new roots in the hope of a better future. Hundreds of people are losing their lives in the waters where once King Aegeas and the mythical Ikarus drowned. Τhousands volunteers both natives and foreigners are streaming to the “hot spots” to lend a helping hand. Dozens of thousands of bodies arrive at Piraeus from the Aegean islands, accomodated in tents and containers. Exhausted, sunburnt bodies; bodies carrying feelings, memories, hope, colours of the East. Bodies stripped of everything. The mural is located some lanes away from the port of Piraeus, in the ruins of a neoclassical building from the previous century.
11 Aug 2016 in news, general
The largest mural in history of Greek art -Kiev, Ucraine
I recently came back home from Kiev, where I painted this mural for Mural Social Club, a project organized by Sky Art Foundation.I painted an ecoumenical theme, with colors inspired from the buildind and the neighborhood.With 46 meters height, “Earth and Sky” is the largest mural in history of Byzantine Painting and the highest artwork in history of Greek art since ancient years. I would like to give huge thanks to Oleg Sosnov and Mural Social Club team for being such a professionalism model and made this happent. Special thanks to Maksim Belousov for the action photos.
01 Jul 2016 in new projects, news, general
New mural in Nicosia-Cyprus
Four months after completing my army service in Cyprus, I returned as a citizen-artist for a mural, under the organization of the Cypriot Parliament. The mural depicts an ancient lyrical poet from Lesvos, Gorgo. A poet so great, as much as unlucky, as nothing left from her poetry. According to my research, this is perhaps her only depiction in art history. Many thanks to Avgi and Michalis who run this nice and successful project, for their hospitality, professionalism and positive energy.
21 Apr 2016 in news, general
New mural in Bangok-Thailand
Few weeks ago I visited Bangok where I was invited to participate in Bukruk festival. My aim was to combine my art with Thai tradition, so first thing I did when I arrived there was to take a walk in the city in search of inspiration for my mural. One of the things that you immediately realize when you walk in the “City of Angels” is the adoration of the gold. So I decided to use that color and paint something from their culture, but with my own pesronal style. The theme I ended up was Sovann Macha, Hindu’s belief mermaid that also appears in Thai version of Ramayana. Her name translates as the “Golden Mermaid” and images of her could be found from tourist items to posters out of little shops for good luck. I would like to thank the whole team of Bukruk Urban Arts Festival for their invitation, their hospitality and for being amazing in what they did back there in Bangok!
11 Feb 2016 in new projects, news, general
New exhibition in Bangok-Thailand
Serindia Gallery is going to host our show with Aitch and Saddo in Bagkok-Thailand for Bukruk Festival! The opening will be on Wednesday 27th of January at 7:00 pm and the show will be up until February 21st. Cu there!
24 Jan 2016 in new projects, news, general
Photos of the participation to “Oenorama 2015”
Oenorama is the largest and most prestigious wine fair in Greece and hosts more than 130 wineries every year since 1994. The artwork was painted on an old barrel of a famous winery and illustrates wine’s process from the planting of the vinery to the results wine induces.
09 Jan 2016 in new projects, news, general
I ‘m back!
Its only last week that I finished my 9months obligatory service in the greek army and I am now back to base, ready for new projects. Thank you all for your patience and support . Next year is expected to be exciting and highly creative! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, full of love, health and fulfillment! Until then, stay tuned… 😉
22 Dec 2015 in news, general