New mural for Bloop festival-Ibiza, Spain
This mural was created for Bloop festival which takes place in Ibiza, Spain. “Bloop” is a unique international art proactive festival, presenting every year a different theme. This years theme was entitled “The Best”, aka “Arrogance”. My visual proposal is based on the well known ancient Greek myth of Ikarus. Ikarus wanted to fly higher than any man had ever been – ignoring his fathers advices not to fly near the sun – and as a consequence, his wings melted due to the heat of the sun and fell into the sea. In my mural, I present a personal version of the myth adjusted into the theme of the festival. Ikarus, unwilling to accept his mistake and wanting to take a revenge on the sun, drags it with him in his falling while meeting his death.
17 Aug 2014 in news, general
New mural for Bubbledays in Linz, Austria
The mural was created for Bubbledays festival in Linz of Austria and it is located at the industrial harbour area of Danube. Photos by: Philipp Greindl ©
21 Jun 2014 in news, general
Second mural for the “Wasted Love” project
Next time you wanna whisper “I love you” in the dark, say it loud. Else, it may never be heard.
25 Mar 2014 in new projects, news
Participation in the event “Church and Contemporary Art”
On Sunday, March 16th at 19.00, MYRTILLO invites you to an open discussion on “Church and Contemporary art”. Guest speakers: Mr. Stavros Giagkazoglou, Advisor to the Ministry of Education and Religions/ Institute of Educational policy, Doctor at the Greek Open University, Director of “Theology” magazine F. John Raffan, priest of the church of Saint Andrew Holy Archibishosy Plaka, Athens Mrs Martina Anagnostou, artist Mr Fikos, artist Mr Christos Kehagioglou, artist Mr Vasilis Barakos, musician
12 Mar 2014 in news
Participation in the group exhibition “Riders on the Storm”
Gallery Genesis presents the group exhibition “Riders on the Storm”, on the occasion of its 4 years anniversary. Curator: Iris Kritikou 20 February-29 March 2014 Gallery Genesis, 35 Charitos str. Kolonaki, Athens Opening Reception: Thursday 20 February 2014, 20:00
18 Feb 2014 in news, general
Participation in the group exhibition “Art in the Attic”
The renewed IANOS ART GALLERY starts the new year with the group exhibition “Art in the Attic”, presenting small art treasures at really attractive prices. Art Direction: Mikri Arktos Curated by Iris Kritikou 9-31 January 2014 Ianos, 24 Stadiou str. Athens Opening Reception: Thursday, January 9th, 20:30 Υou can find the whole collection at
03 Jan 2014 in news, general
Solo exhibition “Contemporary Byzantine Painting” in London
The first solo icons exhibition of Fikos will take place in Sacred Space Gallery in London from the 4th to 28th of December 2013. Opening reception on Wednesday the 4th of December 2013 at 18:30
10 Nov 2013 in new projects, news, general
New mural at Sanatorium of mount Parnitha
The new mural was created in the abandoned Sanatorium of mount Parnitha in collaboration with the calligrapher Simon Silaidis.
06 Nov 2013 in new projects, news, general