Fallen Angels-New solo exhibition in Turin, Italy

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05 Jan 2015 in new projects, news, general

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In Greek language, “Angel” is “the one that brings a good message”.

Even so, we tend to love angels more for their wings. We believe that, if we had these wings, we wouldn’t fall, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually or somatically.

However, even angels fall, eventhough they have wings.

Angels, being free, just like we are free, “bend to their opinion” and “mortal by nature” according to st John of Damascus, are able to rise spiritually, to fall, even to die.

The most well know example of an angel falling is that of Eosphoros, but many followed him.

In the present exhibition fallen angels are presented, not attending their known histories, but evoked through my imagination. They are beings similar to us, created by soil and colour. Beings suffering from passions and weaknesses.

This work reflects my inner world through a recent difficult personal period. Emotions that my mind’s angels, my imaginary friends, also experienced through me.
Violence, pain, anger, sadness, exhaustion, desperation, darkness.
All those things that we are afraid to confront and interpret. And we so spend the unique chance to knowledge and penance through experience.

We detest mistakes because we do not understand their value.
We have not learned how to see the silver lining that hides behind every fall. And we keep on running in the darkness bearing torches to burn the mistake, as if it never happened.

Let us stop fearing the fall.

Let us instead accept her as “the one that brings a good message”.
As an angel.


The new solo exhibition of Fikos will take place in Galo Art Gallery in Turin-Italy from the 10th of January to 28th of February 2015.

Opening reception on Saturday the 10th of January 2013 at 17:30

See the whole exhibition on http://fikos.gr/portfolio/fallen-angels-solo-exhibition-in-turin-italy/?lang=en

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