Sovann Macha-Bangok, Thailand

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20 May 2016 in Murals

Dimensions: 23×13 m
Materials: Acrylics on wall
Year: 2016

In February I visited Bangok in order to participate in Bukruk festival. My aim was to combine my art with Thai tradition, so first thing I did when I arrived there was to take a walk in the city in search of inspiration for my mural.
One of the things that you immediately realize when you walk in the “City of Angels” is the adoration of the gold.
So I decided to use that color and paint something from their culture, but with my own pesronal style.
The theme I ended up was Sovann Macha, Hindu’s belief mermaid that also appears in Thai version of Ramayana. Her name translates as the “Golden Mermaid” and images of her could be found from tourist items to posters out of little shops for good luck.

I would like to thank the whole team of Bukruk Urban Arts Festival for their invitation, their hospitality and for being amazing in what they did back there in Bangok!