Fikos | ABOUT
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I was drawn to Byzantine art at the age of 10 when I started embroidering and drawing Christian saints with colored pencils. Three years later, I started studying Byzantine painting under the guidance of George Kordis and simultaneously began my occupation with graffiti and street art.


My art is a combination of the above, influenced by various other artistic traditions and movements such as ancient Egyptian art and modernism, and is mainly expressed through canvases and large murals around the world.


The contemporary reality of social disruption and polarization in every aspect of life along with my experience from my travels around the world has led me to the conclusion that just like the English language allows us all to communicate wherever and whoever we are, an artistic visual language that will play a similar role is much needed.


Therefore, my artistic practice does not aim to create yet another ‘unique’ visual language, but a ‘unifying’ one, which will essentially be the practical application of the Greek word “Creation”, which is “Demiourgia” (Δημιουργία) and literally means “Work for the society” (Demos=Society + Ergon=Work).