Fikos | Audubon Mural Project-Marseille, France
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Audubon Mural Project-Marseille, France

This is the mural I painted in Marseille, on the occasion of the IUCN World Conservation Congress and “Les Murs d’Audubon” public art program. Slightly different than most of my murals, it’s one of the few that don’t focus on human figures.
This complex of birds, sitting and flying around dried and leafless branches, is a tribute to the ornithologist and painter John James Audubon and it is trying to rise awareness about the issue of the erosion of biodiversity and the mass extinction of birds that is happening right now.

It is true that, when we talk about environmental degradation and endangered animals, birds are not the first that come to our minds.
However, these beautiful animals are facing multiple threats by human activities; Increased human population, destruction of habitat, bird trafficking, pollution, climate change and global warming are only some of them.
There is a general consensus among scientists that if human impact on the environment continues as it is, one-third of all bird species and an even greater proportion of bird populations will be gone by the end of this century.
This is not just heartbreaking; it’s crazy.

The good news it that it’s up to us, each one individually, to prevent this disaster.
We are in a position that we can no longer say “I didn’t know”.
We know what to do.


I would like to thank very much @planete_emergences , @coal_art.ecologie and all the people who got involved in any way to make this project happen. Special thanks to my assistant Arnaud for his precious help.

For those in Marseille, you will find the mural across the Saint-Charles train station, above @cafelecomotive which I also thank for their patience during the process.

PS. I know many people like the grids I use to transfer my sketch to the wall, so, at the last photo you will find the one I used this time.